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My child can read with his eyes closed, this was unthinkable previously.Thank God for Your training.
(Mama Tiara)

Although my son can not read with his eyes closed, I am very grateful that after the training, my child was considered “weird”. My son used to be reserved / did not dare / was inactive in class but now he often raises his hand and is able to appear in front of the class as his confidence increases the so-called “weird” by his friends.
(Mama Moza)

Amazing, unbelievably my child can color images more neatly with his eyes closed.
(Parent: Zachrina)

I thank you for this program. I felt the benefits from this program at the same time I was aware of the importance of my role as a parent.
(Mrs. Couny)

Coloring pictures, guessing the color and reading with your eyes closed are all new for us as parents.
(Parent: Zefan)

My child was performing less than optimally when studying elsewhere, God bless you, when trying again with your training it worked out very well.
(Parent: Ajeng)

My children’s emotions more in control, it’s easier for her to understand her lessons and her memory is increased.
(Parent: Adina)

About Us

If you want to help children develop the function of the midbrain, the role of parents should not be ignored. For midbrain development, children need a sense of security and foundation of confidence. A feeling of security and confidence in the child is derived from the treatment of her father and mother. In terms of language, fathers and mothers determine which words the child will hear; the results achieved are also far more effective than many words spoken by others for the training. Therefore, the father and mother should be careful what words they use.

Second, you need to set aside at least 20-30 days to help the child practice. Every day only requires to exercise for 15-30 minutes. Many parents assume that because they have busy lives they do not have time to accompany the child to practice. Why not take 15-30 minutes out of your day to give your child a lifetime benefit?

Central Brain activation steps can simply be divided into two parts, namely the period of initial stability and the deepening of the development.

1. Brain Activation

After attending classes for one and a half days, the Central Brain will be activated. The child can feel very happy also very interested. Parents also may feel their child’s ability to make them feel proud. All are very excited because this is a new discovery. But, this is just a starting point. Children can forget how they entered this heightened state. Over time they could lose their activation. So, they need to do exercises every day until the activation is stable. What is meant by stable is that children may at any time close their eyes and see colors, recognize letters, read, recognize objects, and so forth. They do not easily lose their ability, except in the long term if it is not used.

2. The Deepening

Many parents stop when it reaches the initial period.Because they do not know that the child still has potential waiting to be developed. A child who is actually using the midbrain has a balanced character, good human relations, loves helping people, is jaunty, outstanding academic achievement and so forth.

Mental In-Sight (Mental Reading)

Many parents ask why their children have to learn with their eyes closed? In fact, the purpose of midbrain activation is not asking people to learn while closing their eyes, but to activate the midbrain. After going through the training process, children are still able to use their midbrain without
closing their eyes.


• 20-30 days to practice
• Everyday 15-30 minutes
• Midbrain activation in one and a half day of classes
• More intelligence and harmony