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For the majority of children, the ability to fully open their intuition will fade if not Stimulated Early with a Training program for intelligence and brain stimulation.

According to the opinion of Albert Einstein and other scientists, the majority of people only use a little brain power. Then how can human efforts improve the ability of the brain? We deliver that improved ability via training methods that are designed to establish an intellectual and emotional intelligence so that humans can better optimize their abilities so they can be God’s most perfect creature.

The Intelligence Training Program and Brain Activation Stimulation that we have developed is a method that effectively increases the ability of the brain through a variety of fun and educational training activities for children aged 5-15 years via motivation, brain exercises, games, relaxation and super memory exercises.

We Train Your Child To:

Balance the left brain and right brain
Improve concentration and memory
Enable and sharpen intuition.
Build confidence and increase creativity
Forming magnanimity and emotional stability.
Improve cognitive, spiritual and emotional intelligence.

Post-activation, the majority of children will get a “bonus” in the form of active super intuition that can help them to perform a variety of activities: drawing, reading, walking, guessing the card although their eyes are closed. For those who are skeptical, saying that mid-brain activation is a magic trick or that the children are peeking, later you can test your child by using special apparel such as swimming goggles that have been painted so as to not to allow the children to peek under or over which could be possible with the blindfold. Active intuition will be very useful when the child grows adult. According to research, world-class business leaders are those who have above-average intuition. Their intuition allows them to make more appropriate decisions. Intuition is very useful in all areas of your child’s life in any profession. This is the importance of brain activation, because if left alone, the majority of children will fade the capability of their right brain (intuition, visualization, etc.). When they grow up it will be much harder to achieve the same level of success from brain activation.

I am very happy because my child is no longer addicted to online games and is happier again, my son has become a diligent student. I have not seen him lazy in his studies for a long time since activation. (Parent: Afif)

I had twins, God bless you, both have been increasing their power of concentration since the training course for the mid-brain. Thank God both are capable of performing a variety of activities with their eyes closed. (Lady Caca-Fafa)

At first we thought the midbrain was just a magic trick, I tested it with my child. Now, I believe that human beings are indeed special creatures of God. Having our children color pictures, guess colors and run with their eyes closed was something new for us as parents. (Parent: Ricky)

My children’s emotions are now more controlled, it is easier for her to understand lessons and her memory has increased. (Parent: Adina)

What We Teach in Class:

– Gymnastics method to balance the left and right brain.
– Motivation for more passion, confidence and virtuousness.
– How to overcome fear / lack of confidence.
– Various brain stimulation games for fun and relaxation.
– Super memory method to enhance creativity for learning and memory.
* BONUS (in sessions parent): an effective communication guide for parents to help overcome their child’s problems such as being a lazy child, an emotional child, phobias, and so forth.

Leslie Jenson provides one on one training in intuition training. We also offer extra help and summer classes.

– Balance Right and Left Brain
– Improve concentration and memory
– Enable and sharpen intuition

Currently Leslie Jenson is the intuition instructor. Leslie has a thorough knowledge of the infinite mind method.

What we teach:

– Gymnastics method to balance your right and left brain
– Motivation for passion, confidence and virtuousness
– Various stimulating games for fun and relaxation

– Super memory method to enhance creativity for learning and memory
– How to overcome fear and lack of confidence

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